Upgraded to MODx Revo 2.0.2 experiencing some problems

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MODx Revolution 2.0.2

After upgrading to MODx Revo 2.0.2 I started to have problems with my Blog posts. After experiencing this issue for almost two weeks I finally managed to find what the issue was thanks to OpenGeek from the MODx forums.

Apparently they changed they way how ellipses works in MODx Revo 2.0.2 the fix was to create a new snippet and use that in my getResources call in order to get the Blog posts displaying properly.

Here is the PHP Snippet code, make sure to enclose this in php tags.

$output = $input;
$limit = intval($options) ? intval($options) : 100;
if ($usemb) {
    if (mb_strlen($output, $encoding) > $limit) {
        $output = mb_substr($output, 0, $limit, $encoding) . '…';
} else if (strlen($output) > $limit) {
    $output = substr($output, 0, $limit) . '…';
return $output;

Save this as a snippet, I named mine myEllipses so I can remember what it does. Then on your getResources call where it has the introText line change the placeholder to use your new snippet, so in my case I changed Ellipses to myEllipses.

Here's an example of what your introtext should look like after the change.


Well that is all for today I hope this helps out any one out there experiencing this problem.

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