IE how I hate thee

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So I'm working on my new theme for the site and everything looks perfect on every browser (locally) so I start uploading the files and make some tweaks to get it looking like it's supposed to but IE goes ahead and just breaks everything as usual -_-

Then I noticed the current site has some issues as well -_- I am not going to bother fixing these issues for the current theme since I will be using a new theme hopefully by Monday :) but God why does IE have to be so crappy and render everything incorrectly, now I have to make probably 3 different css files for each version of IE.

People stop using IE6 UPDATE your browsers or here's a better tip get a better browser like Firefox or Chrome or another personal favorite of mine Opera heck even Safari just get a browser that supports current standards, you will see the internets how it's meant to be seen.

That's enough ranting for now so see you later.

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