Finished Debugging the new theme for IE :)

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Well I finally got around to finish debugging the site for IE6 :) now if you use any version of IE from 6 or higher the site should look exactly the same on all browsers now, which is one of my obsessions being an interactive media developer, even though I know I shouldn't cater to that crowd that is still using IE6.

I believe if you're a good developer you will take the time to make your websites looking the same across every major browser, I usually test my sites in Chrome (my main browser), FirefoxOperaSafari, then IE8 and it's children.

I like to use conditional css styles heets for IE so yes I end up making 3 style sheets or in some instances 4 (one for every version of IE and 1 for standard compatible browsers) this may seem like more work but I like to keep my code and style sheets neat and it's easier to debug.

Anyways if you see any errors with the site on any browser or OS let me know, now back to see the World Cup Go Spain! 

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