I'm Benjamin Marte nice to meet you...

Benjamin MarteI'm an Interactive Media Developer that gets paid for doing his hobby, ain't that great?

So how did I become an Interactive Media Developer? Get comfortable, this might take a while.

I used to read comic books, play video games and draw a lot when I was a child so when I got out of High School I went to study Graphic Arts. Little did I know that they would have me doing what I've been doing all my childhood, drawing. I'm not going to lie I learned a few things like 3 point perspective drawing but I wanted to get to create stuff using the newly acquired Mac's with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and the now  extinct Freehand ( R.I.P. ).

I put up with this for 3 years and I got very frustrated so I dropped out of school and with my tuition re-imbursement  I purchased my own PC and started to self teach myself by following tutorials and reading a lot of books.

Anyways, I worked at an old school print shop and picked up some valuable skills, then quit to work at one of the best Golf Clubs in Puerto Rico ( I made a lot of cash on tips ) only to find my ex-boss at a Golf Tournament and he recommended me to one of his friends who created the first e-marketing company in the island.

It was at said e-marketing company that I met my mentor and he introduced me to Flash 3 and Dreamweaver Ultra Dev and I fell in love. In my quest to keep learning to use these 2 programs I joined www.kirupa.com forums and learned from their awesome community to expand my skills, learning and teaching others what I have learned.

After the internet bubble burst in 2000 I ended up unemployed like many other web developers and one day I got a call from my mentor to see if I wanted to work for a Pharmaceutical Consulting Company creating interactive Flash trainings, I accepted and learned many more skills from 24 CFR Part 11, CSV Validation, CGMP, Good Documentation Practices, IQ/OQ/PQ and many more FDA regulations.

I currently work in a Pharmaceutical Marketing Company in New Jersey as an Interactive Media Developer creating trainings for all major Pharmaceutical Companies.

I am always trying improve my skill set ( and my pay ) by keeping up to date on the latest trends, standards  and technologies  by practicing and freelancing.

Not much has changed, now I read digital comic books, I still play video games ( I'm probably on xbox live as you're reading this ) and I don't draw as much as I used to since I became an Interactive Media Developer but it's still in me.

Want to learn even more about me? Download my resume and if you would like to contract me fill out my Contact Form and let's do business.